The musical landscape in Dublin has seen a sea change like no other over the past 5 years. A new generation of artists are cross fertilising genres, and coming out with songs that are hugely ambitious and break free from the guitar band mould that had been the dominant sound for so long. This fresh blood runs through Dublin singer/songwriter Aimée, who releases her debut single ‘Don’t Bother’, through Universal Music.

A trained dancer, and natural vocalist, Aimée has navigated the bumpy pop path to emerge as a confident songwriter, and an artist who is and sounds completely in control of her creative vision.

Inspired musically by nineties icons such as Christina Aguilera, and Britney Spears, Aimée grew up in Dublin listening diligently to every vocal run, every empowering lyric and pure pop melody that Aguilera, Spears and their peers were releasing.

Striking up a creative harmony with producer Richey McCourt, ‘Don’t Bother’ a confident, catchy and fun break up song came together in a session where Aimée decided that the narrative of victim was over used in break up songs, as was anger. She crafted a song that was authentic to her experience, and allowed those powerhouse vocals to take centre stage.

’Don’t Bother’, for me, is the song that every person who has been through the type of break up that I went through, needs. I wrote ’Don’t Bother’ last year with my good friend Richey when I was reminiscing about a relationship that I had been a part of that had fallen apart.

In the past I’ve written lots of songs about break ups but they always sounded quite sad & I was always the victim.
When in reality, I never felt like the victim, and I think that’s a narrative that’s been told too many times. What I really wanted was to write a song about a break up that is strong & empowering. Not angry or vengeful, but a definite ‘two fingers it’s your loss’ vibe. Something that felt real and authentic to my past experiences. I love ‘Don’t Bother’ so much because I feel like everyone has come across that one person that thinks they can have whoever they want, whenever they want. That’s only in a relationship for what they can get out of it. It’s basically a song to tell that person ‘Don’t bother, I’ll be gone!’ and take the power back.

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